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Automatic Penetrometer

Automatic Penetrometer is used for determination of the needle penetration according to EN 1426, ASTM D5 and AASHTO T49 standards. A standard needle penetrates in the sample under standardized conditions as required by the standards. The penetration depth of the needle is determined with an electronic measuring system, which is separated from the plunger during the test. The free guidance of the plunger and the influence of the load means friction is virtually eliminated, creating a more accurate test. Before start of the test the measuring system is automatically referenced, then the penetration needle moved up to the sample with an electric drive, which is moved by finely adjustable joystick (a magnifying glass and an ultra- bright LED lamp available). Then the plunger is approved by an automatic device and blocked again after the testing period. The test result is displayed on the digital display. The plunger can easily be removed to calibrate the weight. A water bath (TGE-4000 or TGE-4050, 25±0.1°C) and a thermometer (IP38, ASTM 17C or 63C) required for the test should be ordered separately