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Automatic Water Level Recorder, Vibrating Wire Type

Automatic Water Level Recorder, Vibrating Wire Type is disigned for accurate remote monitoring of ground water level in a reservoir, borehole, coastal, inland waters, ports, wells and rivers. Aimil Water level logger is a "datalogger" used for monitoring underground water level using submersible pressure sensor, and is best suited for remote /unmanned monitoring of recorded data.The water level recorder can record over 2,00,000 readings with 4 unique recording options, can record fast (10 samples/second (,programmable from 1 sec to multiple years. Multiple depths are available from: 3 feet to 500 feet of water level changes. Water level  logger is "housed" in a sainless steel (weather resistant), cylindrical enclosure, which slips inside a standard 2 inch dia PVC pipe. Data logger is easily adapted with standard hardware for "well head mounting". Know more about our next product : Vibrating Wire - Pressure Cells