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Axitom-5 / 400 A Fully Automatic Cut-off Machine

 Axitom-5 is the highly efficient cutting equipment that is designed for 350 mm / 14" dia. cut-off wheels, equipped with a powerful motor, 2 automatic cutting tables and the advanced ExciCut feature. All functions are controlled by only two keys, making operation extremely user-friendly. It has Spacious cutting chamber with LED lighting. ExciCut, for faster cutting or cutting of harder materials without heat damage


Basic Features:

  1. ExciCut – cutting of the hardest materials
  2. AxioCut – sectioning of extra-large workpieces
  3. OptiFeed – intelligent feed control
  4. Two Automatic Cutting Tables



  • Multi-function flexibility MultiCut Modes
  • Floor mounting
  • Easy to use with Joystick
  • Abrasive Cutting
  • Easy machine care with AxioWash



  • Three different cutting modes
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Optimized feed for fastest cutting