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Borehole 3D Geophones

GFA down-hole 3D geophone has three 10Hz geophones - oriented according to the x-y-z axis -housed inside a cylindrical probe for the determination of the time of arrival of the type 's' and type 'p' seismic waves. The piston wall-clamping device can fit drilling well of a diameter between 50mm and 110mm (larger diameter on request). The mechanic clamping system with pneumatic piston can couple rigidly with the well casing, so to reflect seismic real signals at the best, avoiding the trouble of lacerating gasbags typical of most low-cost systems. The probe has a robust cylindrical metal case that can assure a long use in field conditions; the special signal cable (graduation 1m) and the air tube are delivered on a special reel, for a total weight of less then 15 kg (GFA-60). these area valable in different length of cables, typically available for 50mtrs and 100mtrs.