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Borehole Extensometer

Borehole Extensometers are often used for the measurement of deformation /settlement of the rock mass and ajjacent surrounding. Generally these are supplied with more than one anchor, and are popularly known as Multipoint Borehole extensometer's. These are available in mechanical/electrical (V-Wire) version, the electrical version is mostly used these days. The electrical system comprises of Groutable anchor, connecing rods with protective sleeves, VW Displacement sensor (0-50 mm) range, with mounting head assebly & with grout pipe/tube for grouting. A 76 mm OD borehole is required for 3 point BHE, and 100 mm OD boreholeis suitable for 4/5-point Borehole extensometer. The sensors are supplied with 1 m, 4-Core shielded cables, readings can be taken through a remote Data acquisition system (data logger) OR through a portable digital readout unit, during installation period. Know more about our next product : Digital Tape Extensometer