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Capping Set

Ref. Standards-IS:516, BS:1881 ,ASTMC31,ASTM C 617


It is essential that the ends of the concrete cylinder specimens are flat and parallel when conducting a compressive strength test. If it is not so, the end surfaces are required to be capped with capping compound, using capping sets to obtain these conditions. These capping sets are for use in the field and in the laboratory. The vertical capping set comprises of a base with an upright, which serves as a guide for positioning the capping plate and a cylinder. Precisely machined capping plate is for keeping molten compound and to position the cylinder. Supplied complete with a cylinder carrier and a laddle.


Models available:


Capping Set- Vertical, for Capping 150 mm dia Cylinders and Cores. (AIM 357)

Capping Set- Vertical, for Capping 100 mm dia Cylinders and Cores (AIM 358)