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Casagrande Porous Tube Piezometer

Casagrande type Porous Tube Piezometers are used for measuring and controlling pore water pressure in soil, rock and to monitor the construction control and stability in embankments, dams and reservoirs. A standpipe, with a porous piezometer tip connected at its lower end, is installed in a borehole. Bentonite and/OR grout are used to seal the borehle above the "tip". The water level inside the "standpipe" is measured with the help of a Electronic water level Indicator, and corrosponds to the water pressure at the piezometer elevation. Permeability of soil in the vicinity of the tip can be determind, when required, by increasing the water head in the standpipe, and observing it's dissipation rate. Advantages:- (a) Ideal fordermining the piezometric level during routine site investigation. (b) Can also be installed after the completion of construction & theefore suitable for use in existing dams/embankments.