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CCBT SERIES Circuit Breaker Test System

CCBT SERIES is full-digitalized design and 4 individual RISC CPU multiplex. Moreover, it generates waveform by DDS and measures output voltage and current by using alternative sampling. CCBT SERIES built-in accurate timer is full range setting and millisecond resolution.
Standard frequency: 45Hz to 65Hz. Customized frequency: 400Hz, 800Hz, and special ones are acceptable. CCBT series can immediately measure tripping current, load impedance, tripping time and other parameters. CCBT series provides both RS-232 and RS-485 interface. The baud rate can be up to 57600bps. RS-232 is compatible with SCPI command, and GPIB interface can be purchased optionally. RS-485 interface is compatible with MODBUS. It can be connected with PLC. CCBT series can connect maximum 245 units via RS-485 interface and it is suitable for long-distance use.
LAN to RS-485 interface converter is optional. Five windows sets: Each set is 5 digits display. CCBT series uses Encoder and Shift keys for accurate, easy adjustment and set-up. It also has a KEY LOCK function.