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The next-generation medium motion seismic station with a ± 90° tilt range
Certimus is an all-in-one portable, digital, broadband triaxial seismometer with state-of-the-art communication capabilities suitable for direct burial, surface and vault deployment.

Unlike other broadband instruments, Certimus can operate at angles up to 90° from level and has a wide frequency response of 120 s - 100 Hz.

The Certimus also benefits from a remotely adjustable long-period corner. The 1 and 10-second modes can be adjusted pre-or post-deployment and significantly reduce the settling time of the sensor.

Power over Ethernet (POE) and Wi-Fi allow for plug-and-play deployments and the optional 2.4 inches multi-touch-sensitive full-colour LCD screen display waveforms, instrument State-of-Health (SOH), gain settings, network configurations and a virtual instrument level.

Certimus is available with two variants:
1. Certimus for surface/vault installations
2. Certimus for direct burial