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Chirascan™ CD Spectrometer

Chirascan™ qCD is the gold standard in Circular Dichroism Spectrometry. It is a modern, high performance circular dichroism (CD) spectrometer and thus a fast, sensitive, direct probe of the secondary structure, or conformation, of bio-molecules. With the introduction of a new, non-chemical, multi-point CD calibration standard and analytical software which allows statistical comparison of CD spectra, Chirascan give truly quantitative data which allows easier and faster publications of research papers. Salient Features: •Measurement of absolute CD values •Report standard errors for each wavelength •Sensitivity equivalent to a synchrotron in the far-UV •No post-acquisition smoothing of data •Unique thermal ramping capabilities •Powerful global thermodynamic analysis software •Upgrade to Chirascan-plus qCD and Chirascan-auto qCD •Comprehensive range of accessories