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Chirascan™ - plus ACD Auto CD Spectrometer

Chirascan™-auto qCD is the complete solution to the Biopharmaceutical industry for the quantitative comparison of CD spectra. Chirascan-auto qCD is a powerful new tool in protein formulation and biocomparability studies - It is the world’s first and only ultra-sensitive, high-speed, automated CD spectrometer. The development of a new, non-chemical, multi-point CD calibration standard together with standard operating procedures, automated data reduction and our proprietary qBiC Biocomparability Suite have transformed automated CD spectrometry. It has important application not only in the comparison of generic and innovator biotherapeutics but also anywhere that a quantitative comparison of Higher Order Structures is required.Salient Features: •Up to a 50 fold increase in productivity •Measurement of absolute CD values •Objective, auditable results Make it easier for the regulator to say "yes" •Faster time to market for biotherapeutics •Unique thermal ramping capabilities