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Chirascan™-plus CD Spectrometer

Chirascan™-plus qCD-pushing the boundaries of CD. It builds upon the introduction of an advanced, APD (Avalanche Photodiode Detector) solid state detector module in Chirascan qCD and brings dramatic performance gains that improve productivity and sensitivity in all CD applications. With the development of a new, non-chemical, multi-point calibration standard and analytical software which allows statistical comparison of CD spectra, it makes Chirascan Plus qCD a truly quantitative CD spectrometer. It is the most sensitive CD spectrometer, which has overcome the application barriers of traditional CD in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. For the academic user Chirascan-plus qCD's new capabilities will allow easier and faster publication of papers with the inclusion of standard error bars, which are now routinely being requested by referees. It will also enable closer collaboration with industry, who are adopting quantitative circular dichroism as standard practice. Salient Features:• Measurement of absolute CD values • Highest sensitivity of any CD spectrometer • Accurate simultaneous absorbance measurements •Wider wavelength range using a single detector •No post-acquisition smoothing of data •Unique thermal ramping capabilities •Powerful global thermodynamic analysis software •Upgradeable to Chirascan-auto qCD