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Citopress-15 /-30 Table top Electro-Hydraulic Fully Automatic Hot Mounting Press

The CitoPress-30 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic programmable dual cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-30 offers total process control, database facilities and synchronous or independent operation of both cylinders. The CitoPress-15 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic, programmable single cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-15 offers total process control and database facilities. CitoPress-15/-30 has powerful mounting press, giving you high speed and maximum user-friendliness. The result is faster turnaround and increased productive capacity. CitoPress-15/-30 has unique automatic dosing system enables dosing of a pre-set amount of mounting resin. The advantages are faster filling of the cylinders and less spilling of resins. CitoPress-15/-30 feature a large, LCD display, which graphically shows parameter settings and mounting progress. Changing parameters is very fast and easy by using the turn/push-knob. Intuitive operation secures faster turnaround, a minimum of errors and the shortest possible set-up time. Know more about our next product : CitoPress-5