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The CLEAN-PROTECT is designed to absorb toxic or otherwise hazardous gases during an emergency gas release incident. This safety installation guards against uncontrolled escape of toxic, corrosive, or pyrophoric gases from one or several gas supply cabinets, thus protecting the workplace and the factory neighborhood. At the heart of the CLEAN-PROTECT system is the dry chemisorbent material, CLEANSORB®. Escaping gases undergo an irreversible chemical reaction (oxidation or neutralization) within the CLEAN-PROTECT system, where they are safely converted into solid by-products. The system is installed inline with downstream air extract ducting and does not require power or other facilities to operate, meaning that it is permanently on stand-by. The CLEAN-PROTECT system is manufactured from high-quality 316L stainless steel. In the absence of a gas release incident the change-out frequency of the absorber bed is five years.