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The CLEANSORB LABLINE features a small absorber column housed in a compact, air-extracted cabinet. The ability to passively chemisorb hazardous gases at ambient temperature is a particular advantage for sporadic laboratory work since the LABLINE is permanently on ready and does not have to be heated up or otherwise activated each time a new experiment is to be run. The wide selectivity of CLEANSORB® chemisorber media to a diverse list of gases and liquid precursors, ranging from corrosive or toxic species to latest-generation metalorganic complexes, offers ideal flexibility for R&D requirements. The LABLINE system is also commonly used to abate hazardous purge gases from the combined vent purge lines of gas cabinets. A front control panel allows the user to interact with the system and displays important operating conditions such inlet pressure and the status of the capacity endpoint detector. Volt-free contacts allow remote monitoring or interlocking of system parameters with external safety hardware.