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The PRIMELINE series represents the fully-featured version of the CLEANSORB family of dry bed exhaust gas abatement systems. The system has been especially engineered to handle the gas flows and related operating conditions of safety-critical process applications – notably those of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD). A core safety element of the PRIMELINE system is its absorber column filling. A dedicated class of CLEANSORB® chemisorber media ensures highly effective removal of toxics such as AsH3, PH3 or GeH4, while minimizing the risks associated with hydrogen side reactions or air intrusion. Unique control functions include an infra-red array to monitor the temperature profile of the absorber column, as well as an inert gas cooling mechanism. Another distinguishing feature of the PRIMELINE is a back-up absorber column, providing an additional level of safety while maximizing system uptime and customer productivity. The PRIMELINE series comprises three models (CS070PS, CS100PS and CS200PS), of different column size, fulfilling the needs of critical R&D work right up to the demanding requirements of high-end manufacturing.