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Before a new gas cylinder is put on-line within a gas supply cabinet, process gas remaining from the previous cylinder must first be removed – both for reasons of safety and to ensure integrity of the fresh gas supply. The dead volume of residual gas is likely to be highly concentrated, toxic, pyrophoric, or corrosive, thus posing a considerable safety hazard. For over 20 years the CLEANVENT cartridge has proven itself a safe solution for the removal of hazardous purge gases. Installed within the gas cabinet on the suction side of the venturi vacuum generator, or in a valve manifold box, the CLEANVENT cartridge allows residual gases to be scrubbed "at-source“. Purge gases are evacuated through the absorber bed of the cartridge and are purified from hazardous gas concentrations by irreversible chemical conversion to solids. Refillable CLEANVENT cartridge types are available for a broad range of specialty gases