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Principle :Light from a broad spectrum LED is focused through an unique optical system a filter test tube to the photocell. Output from the photocell is fed into an amplifier and the output of the amplifier to the Digital Panel Meter (DPM). A set of filters, enabling a wide range of range of analytical tests, are mounted on a turret so that the required filter can easily be selected. The amount of light falling on the photocell is controlled by a variable aperture disc for adjustment of full scale. The operation of the unit is very simple, the user needs to adjust display 0.00 OD or 100% T with blank and then take the reading of the identified standard / sample. The microprocessor based unit when opted for, provides multiple facilities within the same compact size with Auto Zero facility. Ordering Information Cat No. Eight Filter Models 018000 - Digital Micro Photochem 8 Filter with optical density scale only. 018100 - Auto Zero Digital Microprocessor based Photochem 8 Filter with Auto Zero, % T, OD, Concentration scales. 018200 - Digital Micro Photochem 8 Filter with mains / battery operation with built in Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries with optical density scale only.