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Compression Testing Machines

Ref. Standard IS: 14858(2000)

Aimil Series of Compression Testing Machines are the finest of their types available. Their rugged construction and extreme simplicity make it possible for even non-technical personnel to operate them with ease and complete dependability. In particular, the portable units, which are small in dimensions, sturdy and light in weight, make quality control testing possible in areas where commercial testing facilities are not available and where the transportation of larger and much heavier machines would be difficult. Aimil Compression Testing Machines conform to IS: 14858(2000) and calibrated with an accuracy of± 1 % as per the requirement of 1828(Class1). It can also be supplied as per BS: 1881 and other associated International Standards. These machines are available in 50kN, 100kN,500kN, 1000kN,2000kN, 3000kN & 5000kN Capacities.

Compression Testing Machines Classification:

• Analogue models.

• Digital models with pace rate indicators.

• Micro Controller based models with automatic pace rate controllers.

• Fully Automatic models.

Servo models.

• Touch Screen Models (Digital, Micro-Controller & Automatic)


Also available are :


 Automatic Compression Testing  Machine Windows Based, Electromechanical, Capacity 50 kN (AIM 302E-FA-1EM)


Automatic Compression & Flexure Testing machine for 250kN & 25kN capacity, Dual mode (AIM-308E-FA-1-D)


Mu Compression Testing Machine Electromechanical, Capacity 50 kN (AIM 302E-Mu-1EM)


Microprocessor Compression & Flexure Testing machine for 250kN & 25kN Capacity, Dual mode (AIM-308E-Mu-1-D)


Latest Developments:


Touchscreen Based Enhanced Digital Indicator (EDI) for Compression Testing Machines (AIM302E-DG-1-T to AIM320E-DG-1-T, AIM302E-MU-1-T to AIM320E- MU -5000-T & AIM302E-FA-1-T to AIM320E- FA -5000-T)

The touchscreen-based EDI is an enhancement of our existing EDI offering. It is an advanced digital system with 10-inch resistive touch screen display unit with a stylus. It is available in Digital, Micro-Controller based and fully Automatic versions. The fully automatic version is compatible with Horizon software.

Aimil Prime Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Fully Automatic) - 50kN AIM 303E-FA-1, 100kN AIM 306E-FA-1, 250kN AIM 309E-FA-1, 500kN AIM 312E-FA-1, 1000kN AIM315E-FA-1, 2000kN AIM3018E-FA-1, 3000kN AIM3021E-FA-1

Click here: Prime Automatic CTM


Aimil Prime MU Compression Testing Machine (Micro Controller Based) - 50kN AIM 303E-MU-1, 100kN AIM 306E-MU -1, 250kN AIM 309E-MU -1,500kN AIM 312E-MU -1, 1000kN AIM315E-MU -1, 2000kN AIM3018E-MU -1, 3000kN AIM3021E-MU -1

Click here: Prime MU CTM



Digital CTM1000kN capacity Hand-operated 4-pillar (AIM 314H-DG)

Digital Compression Testing Machine, Capacity 1000kN, Hand Operated is a four Pillar type portable model available with a detachable Digital Display Unit operated through a rechargeable battery. It is also supplied with the manufacturer NABL Calibration Certificate.

The equipment consists of a loading unit, an integral double-acting manually operated pumping unit fitted to the base of the machine and a calibrated Digital Indicator on the top. The pump has a detachable handle. The hydraulic cylinder is placed on the base of the Loading Unit.


Models available:


CTM Analogue- Hand operated (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN) AIM 302H-AN,AIM 305H-AN,AIM 308H-AN,AIM 311H-AN,AIM 314H-AN


CTM Analogue- Electrically operated (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN &3000kN) AIM 302E-AN,AIM 305E-AN,AIM 308E-AN,AIM 311E-AN,AIM 314E-AN,AIM 317E-AN, AIM 320E-AN CTM


CTM Digital-Electrically operated (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN &3000kN) AIM 302E-DG-1,AIM 305E-DG-1,AIM 308E-DG-1,AIM 311E-DG-1,AIM 314E-DG-1,AIM 317E-DG-1,AIM 320E-DG-1


CTM Micro Controller Based with Automatic Pace Rate Controller (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN,3000kN & 5000kN) AIM 302E-MU-1, AIM 305E-MU-1,AIM 308E-MU-1,AIM 311E-MU-1,AIM 314E-MU-1, AIM 317E-MU-1,AIM 320E-MU-1,AIM 320E-MU-5000


CTM Automatic Models (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN,3000kN, 5000kN & 5000kN-compact) AIM 302E-FA-1.AIM 305E-FA-1 ,AIM 308E-FA-1,AIM 311E-FA-1 , AIM 314E-FA-1 AIM 317E-FA-1, AIM 320E-FA-1, AIM 320E-FA5000 & AIM 320E-FA 5000-1


CTM Servo Models (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN &3000kN) AIM 302-SERV, AIM 305-SERV, AIM 308-SERV, AIM 311-SERV, AIM 314-SERV. AIM 317-SERV & AIM 320-SERV


CTM Touch Screen Models (Digital, Micro-Controller & Automatic)


CTM Digital- (capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN & 3000kN) AIM 302E-DG-1-T,AIM 305E-DG-1-T,AIM 308E-DG-1-T,AIM 311E-DG-1-T,AIM 314E-DG-1-T,AIM 317E-DG-1-T,AIM 320E-DG-1-T


CTM Micro Controller (EDI) -(capacity 50kN,100kN,250kN,500kN,1000kN,2000kN, 3000kN &5000kN) AIM 302E-MU-1-T,AIM 305E-MU-1-T,AIM 308E-MU-1-T,AIM 311E-MU-1-T,AIM 314E-MU-1-T, AIM 317E-MU-1-T,AIM 320E-MU-1-T,AIM 320E-MU-5000-T