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Cooper Compression Testing Machine

High quality and versatile compression testing machine with certification of a UKAS accredited calibration.

The CRT-CTM250-II was developed to perform a variety of compressive strength tests including Duriez, Indirect Tensile Strength and Marshall Stability.
A rigid floor-standing test frame with bench-height working surface, twin columns and adjustable height cross-head houses a hydraulic cylinder with a load capacity of up to 300kN. The movement of the cylinder is controlled by custom software with feedback from either the stroke transducer or the load cell fixed to the cross-head. During testing, the machine operator is protected by a safety enclosure.


EN 12697-12
EN 12697-23
EN 12697-44 (Semi-circular bending beam)
ASTM D6931
NF P98-251-1/4 Duriez


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