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Cooper-Vialit Cohesion Pendulum

The European Standards EN 13808 and EN 15322 demand this test according to EN 13588 as a basis for the CE marking of all polymer-modified binders for the intended use of surface treatment.

Vialit Cohesion Pendulum by Cooper CRT-VCP is a testing device to analyse the cohesion of bitumen in road construction. The cohesion is one of the measures of the performance of a bituminous binder. It is important to use binders which have a sufficient level of cohesion according to the level of traffic to be supported. Cohesion has originally been developed for surface dressing however it can be used for any type of binder (pure, modified or fluxed) which is to be used in different types of road applications. Knowledge of cohesion enables the choice of binder type for given traffic and site conditions.



EN 13588
EN 13808
EN 153223

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