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Core Case (AIM368 )

Core Case is the first innovation in Concrete core drilling. Connected to the core drill assembly with a flexible rubber coupling, the heavy duty, hand held, rotary drill easily produces cores upto 100 mm in dia without the use of cumbersome frame and feed. The Water Jacket surrounding the core barrel is flanged, enabling it to be clamped to the surface to be drilled. For added support, clamping pliers and anchors are supplied. A rubber 0-Ring fitted with the flange seals the water jacket core barrel assembly against concrete surface, enabling the return flushing water containing the cuttings to be hosed away from the drill site. Water is fed into the upper water jacket nipple, from there the water flows, through a manifold, into the drill spindle and continues to the inside of the diamond core bit. A steady feed pressure can be maintained on the drill bit by turning the capstan wheel with one hand, while holding the electric drill steady on the coupling with the other. The drill feed assembly, common to all models, makes the system adaptable to all core diameters with additional conversion kit. Core Case is a completely portable, self-contained system, easily carried by a person in a standard brief case