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Cyclic / Static Triaxial Apparatus

Static Triaxial Testing IS:2720 (Part XII) & Cyclic Triaxial Testing ASTM D5311/ASTM D3999

Aimil brings to you a highly advanced Cyclic/Static Triaxial Test Apparatus. It is a computer controlled servo-hydraulic system, designed to perform static as well as cyclic loading stage of a triaxial test. The data acquisition & control system is provided with the same which is used for controlling hydraulic actuator together with a hydraulic power pack for applying dynamic pressure to perform close loop vertical load and displacement, to measure load, displacement and also pore water pressure. It is also provided with an air/water or pressure volume controller system which helps in controlling cell pressure and back pressure of system.


Servo-hydraulic dynamic (cyclic) Triaxial apparatus has the following features:

  • PID vertical load/displacement closed loop loading. The system manages three closed loop axis.
  • Vertical load/displacement: up to 10kN / ±25mm
  • Cell Pressure up to 1000 kPa
  • Back pressure up to 1000 kPa
  • Online Monitoring with measurement through graph
  • Suitable for Specimen's size upto 100mm (150mm dia. as an option is also available on request)