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Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System ( Data Loggers): Model DT-80 G & DT-85G provides for unattended scanning and remote monitoring of all types of Vibrating wire sensors, installed on the Dam OR other structures far away. These Data loggers also read Thermocouples, Platinum RTDs, Thermisters, Semi conductors & resistance strain gauges. It is a microprocessor based battery powered data logger with facility to set "pre set alarms" on all cahnnels, has an interal display on some models also. Main features:- Universal channel support/ Battery backed RAM , stores upto 166,530data points/Removeable memory card/ Compatabile with spreadsheet, graphic and statistical packages/ Compatabile with most communication methods incuding modems, radio & satellites. The channel expansion modules increase the no-of-channels, supplied with Graphical programing & supervision software. Know more about data taker products listed with Aimil Ltd.