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Dead Weight Calibrating Machine

Deadweight systems provide the most accurate force calibration standards available on the market. A Morehouse Deadweight Calibrating Machine includes a set of calibrated weights at different sizes; the user can choose any combination of desired weights through the control system, and apply the determined force to the instrument under test. Some models are capable of performing the calibration automatically by applying the listed test points, and recording the instrument output for several commonly used indicators on the market.

All Morehouse deadweight calibrating machines make full use of the accuracy of deadweights, and are built using true primary standards. This means there are no multipliers (hydraulic or otherwise), levers, or flexures between the weights of the calibrator and the instrument to be calibrated. Weights are individually calibrated to primary force standards requirements, and calibrations are directly traceable to the SI through NIST. Due to the high accuracy and importance of all the details in these systems, each Morehouse Deadweight Calibrating Machine is custom designed and manufactured for the specific needs and requirements of its user. Morehouse has manufactured numerous deadweight calibrating machines at various capacities ranging from 1kN to 535 kN (250 lbf to 120,000 lbf), which are used by the most reputable laboratories throughout the world. These machines have a proven record of high reliability and stability, and are designed and manufactured to last for decades.