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Digital Q-Tilt 6000 Probe & Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt

Digital Q-Tilt 6000 system consists of the probe “Digital Q-Tilt 6000 (Model-4480)” to measure inclination and handy logger “Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt (Model-4470)” to read / storage the monitoring data. These instruments are for manual monitoring using dedicated casing of inclinometer that has a ditch (one or two direction) attached to alumite / PVC pipe. Digital Q-Tilt 6000 is a measuring probe with high accuracy digital output type, and inclination from vertical is measured. Incline-sensor applies variable displacement sensor to enhance measurement accuracy and stability. Crashworthiness of the prove is improved and 6,000 G resistance is available. Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt is a data logger to retrieve the monitoring data. The data is stored in a memory card (SD card) as text data (CSV format) that is easy to use for spreadsheet and graphical processing. Splash-proof body is applied for on-site use.