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Digital Tape Extensometer

Digital Tape Extensometer is used for measuring and monitoring of surface, lateral ovements, radial movements  & convergence between pair of reference studs. The Digital Tape Extensometer which is (Portable), measures the displacement between pair of reference eye bolts, grouted in to shallow drill holes in the structure OR excavation. The reference points may be fixed permanantly or may be demountable. The Digital Type tape extensometer consists of a steel measuring tape with equally spaced precesion punched holes. The fixed end of the tape is fitted to the tape reel integral with the lightweight body, which has a location hook identical to that on the free end of the tape.

Key features include:

(a) Simple, reliable and easy to read, provided with positive tape tensioning.

(b) Can be operated by one person andread from one end only.

(c) Measuremets are frrom 1 to 30 m. (longer tapes can be supplied on request).