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Direct Shear Apparatus

Ref. Standards IS :11229, 2720 (Part 13)


The Direct Shear test is carried out with an apparatus consisting of a square divided into two halves. The specimen, contained in the box, is subjected to a constant normal load while an increasing horizontal force is applied to one of the sections of the shear box. This force causes a shear failure along the junction between the box sections. The shear force and the normal load are measured directly. The rate of strain is adjusted by the speed of the horizontal force applied. The loading unit has V-strips on which the shear box housing rests. Suitable for specimens of size 60x60x25mm. The precalibrated load yoke helps counter balance the loading system. The load yoke with direct and through lever system for applying normal load upto 3 kg/cm2 capacity, fixtures for proving ring, brackets for holding consolidation and strain dial gauges are provided. The lead screw connected to the shear box housing helps application of shear stress.


Models Available:


Direct Shear Test Apparatus 2 kN capacity (AIM-104)

Direct Shear Apparatus, Microprocessor based load frame 2 kN Capacity with proving ring and dial gauges (AIM-104-1)

Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Electronic, 2kN (AIM-105)

Direct Shear Outfit, Electronic, 2kN, complete with Aimil AIMIL Data Aquisition System System (AIM-105-1)

Direct Shear Outfit, , 2kN, with Microprocessor loading unit Electronic (AIM-105-2)

Direct Shear Outfit, , 2kN, with Microprocessor loading unit Electronic with AIMIL Data Aquisition System & GeoStar (AIM-105-3)

 Direct Shear Outfit, Electronic, 2kN, with Microprocessor based load frame with  AIMIL Data Aquisition System System (AIM-105-5)

Large Direct Shear Apparatus, Motorised, 50kN (AIM-106)