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Durability Test Laboratory

Durability Test Laboratory is designed and developed to test different suspension system components in automotive, defence and railway industries, with respect to the OEM or supplier specifications or RLD data's.

The system is controlled and programmed by MpiCON Industrial Controller. The test system frequency can be adjusted and also different types of actuators can be used by one single controller.

Leaf, coil springs, shock absorbers, lower control arms can be tested.

Key Feature: 

 - Servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanic actuator options
 - 0-400 Hz servo hydraulic system control frequency
 - Position and load control options.
 - Multi-channel control (up to 5 axis)
 - Acceleration signal monitoring
 - Special user interface
 - Amplitude compensation
 - Offset compensation
 - Up to 16 channel force & displacement control
 - Adjustable analogue outputs
 - MpiCON controller & software:
      - 19” rack cabinet chassis
      - Up to 16 hydraulics actuators/different test setups
      - Configurable input/output channel numbers and specifications
      - High-frequency control and data logging applications
      - Stable and consistent 10kHz real-time PID control architecture
      - Automatic amplitude compensation
      - Automatic offset compensation
      - Data-logging up to 5kHz/channel and up to 100 channels
      - Intuitive sensor calibration menu
      - Conditional warning and alarm definitions
      - Automatic test with configurable test steps
      - Test scenarios via test file
      - Automatic test reports in .xls, .doc and .pdf file formats
      - Arithmetic tools for mathematical functions
      - Post-process analysis tools
      - Optional CAN interface
      - Digital filtration
      - Integrated UPS
      - Emergency stop