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Dustroid: Real-time Ambient Dust Monitor

Dustroid is a continuous Air Particulate Monitoring system to measure the concentration of dust particulates in the ambient air. The range of dust monitoring system is capable of monitoring various sizes of particulates ranging from 1 micron to 100 microns such as Ultrafine Suspended Particulate Matter – PM1 (UFPM), Respiratory Particulate Matter – PM2.5 (RSPM), Suspended Particulate Matter – PM10 (SPM), and Total Suspended Particulates – PM100 (TSP). By using external modules one can also monitor meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction to identify PM dispersion and impact of dust levels in a vicinity. Dustroid is a particulate monitoring system to measure a wide spectrum of particulate matter sizes for dust laden activities. 

Dustroid product range comes in 2 variants.

  • Dustroid Smart
  • Dustroid Pro

The variants are designed as per use-case and end-application.



  • Patent Pending Technology: Works on innovative e-breathing technology for higher data accuracy
  • Solar Powered: Capable of running independently on solar power
  • Network Agnostic: Wide range of connectivity options like GSM / WiFi / LoRa / NBIoT/ Ethernet
  • Over-The-Air Update: Automatically upgradeable from a central server without any onsite visit
  • Compact: Light-weight and compact system installed at 12-15 feet (3.5-4.5 m) height
  • Real-Time Data: Continuous monitoring and real-time data transfer at configurable intervals
  • Weatherproof: IP65 grade enclosure for endurance against harsh weather conditions
  • 3-Level Calibration: The third-party nodal agency, reference station co-location & spot calibration