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E-Motor Dynamometer Test System

E-Motor Dynamometer Test Benches, testing electric motors, drivers and software in automotive, defence and railway industries, are controlled and programmed by MpiCON General Industrial Controller. 19” rack cabinet controller hardware has a customizable chassis which can be easily configured for different input and output channels. DC Powers supply, battery management system communication and high-speed testing are special features of these test rigs. We can offer turnkey e-dyno test rigs with different power and speed ranges.


Key Feature:

 - E-motor performance and certification tests
 - AC dyno (regenerative driver)
 - 0-10.000 rpm speed range
 - Power/torque curves
 - Regenerative DC supply
 - ECU communication
 - CAN, RS485, RS232 communication interfaces
 - Automated test and reporting
 - Calibration menu
 - MpiCON controller & software:
      -  19” rack cabinet chassis (customizable)
      -  Input/output channel number configured with respect to the customer needs: digital, analogue, communication, counter etc.
      -  Configurable for different applications such as using pneumatic, hydraulic actuator, electromechanical and electric motor systems
      -  Sensor calibration menu
      -  Warning and alarm definitions
      -  Drag & drop feature on user interface
      -  Automatic test with configurable test steps
      -  Test scenarios via test file
      -  Preprogramed test reports in .xls, .doc and .pdf file formats
      -  Arithmetic tools for mathematical functions
      -  Scripting feature for condition monitoring and/or control
      -  SMS and e-mail messages (automatic conditional)
      -  Optional CAN interface
      -  Digital filtration
      -  Integrated UPS
      -  Emergency stop