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EAC Series 1 Phase/ 3 Phase AC Sources.

Thanks to the new-generation design, now a single workstation is capable of outputting single-phase, 3-phase, and DC independently, free from the restrictions imposed by any power system mode, thus suitable for all kinds of input power systems installed in laboratories and R&D departments. The brand new Ext. Trigger synchronic signal mode allows users to retrieve waveforms effortlessly.


Important Features:

  • Synchronous Signal Capture: Synchronic Signal Output (ON/OFF/Event/External Trigger) functionality gives a useful tool for external monitoring.
  • High Loading Capacity: It supports withstand inrush current up to 4 times.
  • Customizable Output Waveform for Various Simulations: Adjustable starting and ending angle of the output waveform to simulate any operational circumstances.
  • Powers of OCF (Over Current Fold) : This feature automatically adjust a voltage and current for activating DUT.