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Ecore: Laser Core Scanner

ECORE is the ultimate core scanner: combine the novel geochemical laser ablation sensor to ELEMISSION automation expertise and, increase your on-site workflow. Analyze and obtain results in real-time at speeds compatible with your expectations. The experiment process is optimized according to your needs: place the core tray as is and press start!
ECORE's LIBS emission spectra are selective and sensitive enough to allow trace elements analysis from H¹ to Pu⁹⁴ and fuel a thorough automated mineralogical study!


The high resolution of ECORE sensors brings high quality mapping in real time, forget the 10 hours waiting time to get results. Obtain a detailed 2D map at high speed with realistic resolution: make no compromise between data quality and representativity.
A true multi-elemental analyzer at last! Improve your scanning process with Ecore’s built-in AI-enabled automated mineralogy.