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Elcometer 1720 Abrasion and Washability Tester

Robust, reliable and extremely versatile machines have been designed for testing the abrasion, washability, brushability and resistance of a wide range of materials including paint, lacquers, inks, coatings, leather, wood, plastics, printed material, fabrics etc.


  • Test up to 4 samples simultaneously
  • User adjustable stroke length from 10 to 300mm (0.4 to 11.8”)
  • Rapid tool change
  • Multi-lingual digital display
  • All stations can be tested wet or dry
  • The durable and robust design is stable under test allowing repeatable results, even at the fastest stroke speeds
  • Speed Cycles can be adjusted from 10 to 65 cycles per minute or set to the ISO Standard of 37 cycles/min
  • Available with or without an integrated liquid dosing pump
  • Wide range of tools available, for testing flat and curved samples