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Elcometer 181 - Concrete Test Hammer

The concrete test hammer provides a quick, simple and inexpensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete compression strength and other masonry materials.

Concrete test hammers are one of the most widely used instruments in the field of non-destructive testing and Elcometer offer both mechanical and digital models. This gauge consists of a spring loaded plunger which, when released, strikes the surface with fixed and constant impact energy. During the rebound stroke, the mass moves a pointer that indicates the maximum point of return and at the same time indicates a reference value called Rebound Number.

This number, converted by the correlations available on the hammer, gives the compression resistance value in respect of the impact angle.


Key Features:

  • Impact Energy 2.207 Nm
  • Supplied with grinding stone to prepare test surface
  • Aluminium body
  • Rebound value indicated on test hammer
  • Rebound value chart on body, for quick calculation of compressive strength
  • Curve selection on chart dependant on testing angle


Both mechanical and digital test hammers are available. Also, see analoge and digital concrete test hammer .