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Elcometer 2250 Krebs Viscometer

Designed for use in accordance with National and International Standards - the Elcometer 2250 is ideal for both process control and quality assurance.The Elcometer 2250 offers users both an automatic or manual Krebs viscosity test.


Featuring a unique automatic test mode, the Elcometer 2250 Krebs Viscometer measures the viscosity of paints, varnishes, adhesives, pastes and liquid inks at the touch of a button.


Elcometer 2250 krebs measures the viscosity of Paint, varnishes, adhesive, pastes and liquid inks at one touch.



  • Fully automated Krebs test - simply set up and press ‘Start’
  • Choice of measurement: Krebs Units (KU), Grams (g), or Centipoise (cP)
  • Designed for use with either a 600ml beaker, 1 pint or ½ pint cans
  • Standard Krebs spindle with fixed spindle speed of 200rpm
  • Can be used with non-standard containers and sample volumes
  • User adjustable “Sample Waiting Time” and “Measuring Time”
  • Date and time stamp for each reading


The Elcometer 2250 provides users two types of an automatic or manual Krebs viscosity test hence this equipment has two operating modes: “Automatic and manual”.