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Elcometer 331 Covermeters & Half Cell Gauges

An easy to use gauge that quickly and accurately locates/orientates reinforcement bars in concrete and measures the depth of cover over the rebar. The same system, when coupled with a Half Cell such as Copper-Copper Sulphate or Silver Silver Chloride, can act as a Corrosion Measuring Instrument. The instrument is very compact, easy to use and comes with Covermaster software for accurate analysis.


These easy to use half-cell meters measure the condition and potential corrosion of rebars and steel structures within concrete.Designed to meet IP65 this rugged waterproof gauge can be used in the harshest of environments.



  • Links to Covermaster™ software
  • Ultimate data management tool to store cover & half-cell readings and produce professional reports
  • On Screen graphic display provides visual assessment of readings allowing identification of areas of low concrete cover or potential areas of corrosion



  • Specifically designed for use on-site
  • Rugged, waterproof IP65 case provides protection against the elements
  • Backlit screen for viewing in dark environments



  • Rebar locator, concrete covermeter and half-cell measurement all available in a single gauge - (selected models)
  • Intuitive menus enable each gauge to be used straight from the box



  • Locate and determine orientation of rebar quickly, easily & accurately
  • Up to 240,000 readings can be stored on the gauge for detailed reporting*
  • Memory and data logging with data output to PC or direct to printer*
  • Graph Plotting allows an immediate visual indication of results


  • Stainless Steel rebars can be located by the THD Model
  • Battery packs can be charged in the unit or externally. Additional batteries allow continued use


User Friendly

  • Easy to transport and store
  • Ergonomically shaped case for comfort
  • Single handed operation: All functions can be accessed & controlled through 4 simple keys/buttons



  1. Cover Display Screen
  2. Half-Cell Mode
  3. Graphics Plot Mod
  4. Threshold View
  5. Auto sizing and Orthogonal Function
  6. Data Logging Feature
  7. Powerful Statistics Feature