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Elcometer MTG2 - NDT Material Thickness Gauge

With automatic transducer recognition which ensures correct probe identification even when the transducer is changed, a measurement rate of 4Hz (4 readings per second) and integral zero disc ensuring maximum accuracy of ±1%, the MTG2 is ideal for taking basic thickness measurements.


MTG2 is comes with 5MHz and ¼” transducer and that is pre-calibrated for measuring on steel woth a defined or required thickness range of upto 500mm (20”) in pulsed-echo (P-E) mode.This Equipment is fully supported with ElcoMaster™ software for separate readings that can be downloaded via USB to PC



  • Pre-set measurement rate of 4 readings per second
  • USB data output to PC or similar device
  • Pulsed -Echo (P-E) measurement Mode
  • Pre-calibrated for measuring on steel only