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Elcometer MTG6 - NDT Material Thickness Gauge

With a choice of calibration options, measurement modes – including high speed scan mode, display options and data-logging, MTG6 has additional calibration options; 2-Point, Velocity and known Thickness Value. 


Elcometer MTG provides you velocity mode (VM) which is capable to find the homogeneity of material like alloy and accurate velocity of material for calibrations.


All mentioned features of MTG2 and MTG4 comes into MTG6 with some additional option like 2-Point, velocity and known thickness value.By Using Scan Mode, Rate of reading will be 16-Hz that is 16 readings per second over large surface areas. Transducers are exactly above the surface area and average of lowest and highest thickness value is displayed making scan mode ideal.


Definable Display, You can choose view readings, statistical info, bar graph with analog representation of the current readings together with the highest (Hi), lowest (Lo): and average (X), a trend graph of the last 20 readings, reading or run chart.


This Equipment can store up to 1500 readings and easily coupled with both ElcoMaster and ElcoMaster Mobile Apps, readings can be fetch easily though USB drive or Bluetooth to PC. Compatible for iOS and Android devices for further analysis & easy reporting.



  1. User selectable reading resolution; 0.1mm (0.01”) or 0.01mm (0.001”)
  2. Scan Mode
  3. Pulsed-Echo (P-E), Echo-Echo ThruPaint™ & Velocity (VM) measurement modes
  4. 2-Point, 1-Point, Material, Velocity, Thickness Set and Factory calibration options
  5. User selectable measurement rate; 4, 8, 16 readings per second
  6. Readings, Selected Statistics, Bar Graph & Run Chart
  7. USB and Bluetooth® data output to ElcoMaster™ and ElcoMaster™ Mobile Apps
  8. Gauge memory; single sequential batch of up to 1,500 readings