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Electrodynamic Testing Systems 1-2.5kN

Electrodynamic Systems are fluid-free non-hydraulic system for fatigue and durability testing, tensile, compression, bend, peel or shear strenth and crack initiation. This testing system can be used for constant load, monotonic, cyclic (dynamic) swelling or alternating loads in a closed loop control. As measuring and control channel the axial piston stroke, force / stress or elongation / strain of sample is available. Further external measuring and control channels can be connected or calculated (virtual) channels can be used as variable or as monitoring channel. Electrodynamic Drive Technology The state-of-the-art fluid-free non-hydraulic ServoElectric drive mounted on the upper crosshead represents the latest versatile and reliable fatigue rated drive technology providing backlash-free motion with no fluid compressibility to compromise position accuracy. The ideal solution for Laboratories who desire a compact, space saving, clean and quite low force unit that requires no environmental consideration and virtually no maintenance. Clean, non-hydraulic and quiet linear drive with integral bearings and long life time , High efficiency system compared to servohydraulic or pneumatic drives