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The EndoPAT™ is the only FDA approved diagnostic test for the non-invasive detection and measurement of Endothelial Dysfunction; During a 15 minute office-based test, teh EndoPAT assesses NO-mediated vasodilatation in peripheral arterioles in response to oxidative stress. The device consists of a Pneumatic System as well as disposable finger probes. Its proprietary PAT technology is unique in that the finger probes are inflated to subdiastolic pressure allowing for detection of minute changes in pressure which indicate changes in arterial blood volume. The resultant EndoScore™ value is self explanatory and very easy to interpret, along with being accurate, sensitive and reproducible.The EndoPAT™ is a key indicator for all major cardiovascular disease states, ranging from atherosclerosis, through unexplained chest pain, to coronary artery disease (CAD). It is a proven independent cardiovascular risk factor for high risk patients (post CABG, PCI). As the ultimate non-invasive diagnostic cardiac tool, the EndoPAT™ test has the potential to become the “heart’s mammogram” by helping asses heart disease risk and alerting patients to initiate preventive steps to keep it from progressing.