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Engine Test Benches

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Test Dynamometers at different powers and specifications are designed and manufactured as turn-key test laboratory solutions  for automotive, defence and railway industries.

The system is controlled and programmed by MpiCON Industrial Controller. The user-friendly software provides easy to use and configurable interface using drag & drop features. 19” rack cabinet controller hardware has a customizable chassis which can be easily configured for different input and output channels.


Key Features:

- Eddy current, hydraulic and AC types
 - Casting test bed design and production
 - Installation of control panels and sensor layouts
 - Room ventilation and installation of exhaust systems
 - Fuel system treatment and flow rate measurement
 - Design and manufacture of water, oil and air treatment unit
 - Integration to exhaust gas meters
 - MpiCON controller & software:
      -  19” rack cabinet chassis (customizable)
      -  Input/output channel number configured with respect to the customer needs: digital, analogue, communication, counter etc.
      -  Configurable for different applications such as using pneumatic, hydraulic actuator, electromechanical and electric motor systems
      -  Sensor calibration menu
      -  Warning and alarm definitions
      -  Drag & drop feature on user interface
      -  Automatic test with configurable test steps
      -  Test scenarios via test file
      -  Preprogramed test reports in .xls, .doc and .pdf file formats
      -  Arithmetic tools for mathematical functions
      -  Scripting feature for condition monitoring and/or control
      -  SMS and e-mail messages (automatic conditional)
      -  Optional CAN interface
      -  Digital filtration
      -  Integrated UPS
      -  Emergency stop