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Epsilon 4 EDXRF

Fast, Powerful and Accurate EDXRF for Elemental Analysis


Epsilon 4 is a multi functional XRF analyzer instrument for varied industry segment needing elemental analysis from Fluorine to Americium in areas from R&D through to process control. It is equipped with Latest high resolution detector coupled with optimum excitation technology with smart design and latest software features. With such improved analytical capabilities Epsilon 4 demonstrates outstanding analytical performance comparable to floor standing XRF instruments with low cost of ownership. The fast processing parameters and electronics made it suitable to reduce your feedback time for process parameters for taking various proactive decision in the production line.

Epsilon 4 is built for the characterization and analysis of any type of sample in many industry segments such as cement, cosmetics, environmental, food, forensics, metals and coatings, mining and minerals, nanomaterials, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers and so on.

A number of options are available for specific application and industry. Those industry versions are mostly pre-calibrated in the factory and ready to use:

  • Epsilon 4 Mining and Minerals: Elemental analysis in challenging environment directly in Mines as well as in the production line.
  • Epsilon 4 Oils and Fuels : Comply with EPA TIER 3 and ISO13032 for analysing Sulphur in fuels and oils. It can also be calibrated for other application.
  • Epsilon 4 Lubricating Oils: Comply with ASTMD-7751-15 for analysing additives in lubricating oils.
  • Epsilon 4 Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics: Comply with ICH Q3D, USP<232>, <233> and <735> for trace element analysis of impurities in excipients and API.
  • Epsilon 4 Food & Environment: Comply with EPA IO 3.3 for air filter analysis and ISO 18277, ISO 15309 and ASTMC1255 for Soils analysis .
  • Epsilon 4 Building Materials: Comply with ASTM C114-15 and fast analysis of Clinker, Raw Mix, Cement.
  • Epsilon 4 Polymers, Plastics and Paints: Accurately analyse for additives and catalyst, toxic Elements and to ensure ROHS compliance.