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Erichsen Cupping Machine 60kN

ECM series Erichsen Cupping Machine is available for 0.1-3.5mm thickness sheet metal. The machine features an electro-hydraulic drive, max. drawing force of 60kN and an automatic switch off at specimen failure. The deep drawing cupt test for the dertermination of the ear forming tendency and max drawing ratio. Tje ,acjoe cpmsosts pf a stirdu sjeet ,eta; jpisomg omtp wjocj tje test aggregate (test cu;omder wotj wprl [ostpm. sjeet jp;der [ostpm) and the test tools as well as the hydraulic system are integrated. When carrying out the ERICHSEN coupping test, the sheet metal specimen in the form of strip is inserted into the test cylinder and centralised by locating diagonally. Since the "automatic stop at specimen failure" the forward speed is automatically stopped when the crack occurs. The ERICHSEN cupping value is displayed with an accuracy of 0.1mm on the digital counter.