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European Standard Roller Compactors Steel Roller

The most popular Roller Compactor worldwide is robust, reliable and the industry standard.

The Roller Compactor is considered to be the method of laboratory specimen compaction that results in slabs of asphaltic paving materials with properties that most closely simulate those of materials in the highway. Slabs can be compacted to target mixture densities using loads that are equivalent to those of full-scale compaction equipment.

The CRT-RC2S and CRT-RC2SV are pneumatically powered and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) connected to a HMI which the operator can use to select the number of passes and compaction load levels. Although the primary function is to produce slabs for wheel tracking tests, the slabs can be sawn into beams or cored to provide specimens for a variety of other tests. Users have compacted hot asphaltic materials over stress absorbing membrane interlayers (SAMIs) on a base of cracked concrete in order to assess the effectiveness of the SAMI by using shear or bending tests.



EN 12697-33 Steel roller

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