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EZ Scan-Auto Analyzer for measuring IGT and insulin resistance to detect very early onset of Diabetes, screening & prevention of Cardiometabolic risk

EZSCAN uses patented SudoScan technology to measure Diabetic and Cardiometabolic Risk in a non invasive, 2 minute test. The technolnogy uses stainless steel electrodes to  measure electrochemical sweat conductance (ESC) in a Sweat Gland Stress Test. The resultant conductance values are analysed in seconds using a proprietary algorithm, which gives an easy to understand risk score. Clinical studies show that the test is able to predict Diabetes upto 3 years earlier that HbA1C. The EZ Scan test allows doctors to intervene early, which may slow/ halt the progression of diabetes, and in some cases even reverse it. EZSCAN is used by general practitioners, Endocrinologist, pharmacists, cardiologists and neurologists.Recent clinical studies have shown EZSCAN to be highly accurate and reproducible in head to head comparisons with conventional blood tests. ESC values measured by EZSCAN had a sensitivity of 75% and a specificity of  100% . Its good sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility make EZSCAN a reliable tool to assess sudomotor dysfunction, a clinical manifestation of autonomic neuropathy in patients with cardiometabolic risk.