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FBG Interrogator

Designed to perform, built to last, our FBG interrogators are all based on a tunable laser that is qualified for 25 years life for the telecoms industry. By adding our proprietary high-speed laser drive and photodetector electronics, we have produced a suite of instruments with extraordinary resolution, accuracy, ruggedness and price. This sets us aside from the competition developing interrogators based on swept laser or spectrometer architectures that are far more susceptible to their environment and are dependent on custom components that drive up the cost. 

Our interrogators are designed around our SmartLaserTM core technology platform of an electrically tuneable laser controlled by our proprietary, high-speed electronic drive circuit. The result is an unrivalled combination of resolution (40fm) and accuracy (1pm) over a broad operating temperature range (up to -20/+60C). Robustness has been demonstrated through military standard qualification tests, numerous successful flight trials on military and civil aircraft, long-term operational use on military UAVs and within the spinning rotors of wind turbines, and a high predicted MTBF (e.g. 65 years for one variant). Our interrogators are designed using 100% commercial-off the shelf components with no custom components (apart from the enclosure). That ensures we can guarantee long-term product availability