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FBG Interrogator & FBG Sensors

Smart Fibres has been developing FBG interrogators for over fifteen years – they launched our first product OFSSS1 in 1999 and it set the standard for the FBG instrumentation market to follow. Today, their interrogators continue to set the standard. They exploit the significant investment made by the telecoms industry in broad wavelength electronically tuneable lasers. These devices are rigorously qualified to Telcordia standards for a 25 year life, and are in high volume production with several manufacturers. Smart Fibres has developed high-speed custom electronics for tuning these lasers, as well as for detecting and processing the returning signals from the FBG sensors. The result is a range of highly robust instruments with staggering measurement performance. Together with low pricing resulting from the use of 100% off-the-shelf telecoms components, our interrogators have a price/performance ratio demanded by industry and unrivalled by competing technologies. Below are our standard instrument models. Please contact us for your custom requirements