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Fibroscan 430

Fibroscan 430 is an Ultra Mobile Device for non-invasive and quantitative liver exams. The Fibroscan device is the gold standard for detecting and staging liver fibrosis non-invasively,using transient elastography. While the shear wave frequency of the probe is fixed at 50MHz,  there are different scales for different ailments based on the speed of progression (such as Hepatitis B &C, Alcoholic Liver disease, etc).  


The device's patented CAP technology also provides a reliable non-invasive assessment of fatty liver, even extending to early cases, where ultrasound fails. This unique, accurate and efficient device improves patient management and monitoring. The device is easy to hand-carry, fitting into a small briefcase sized box, and is ideal for field screening. The devices comes fitted with an M probe, and S and XL probes are optional extras.