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Flame Photometer

A solution of the salt is aspirated into the LPG-AIR flame. The vapour takes up energy from the flame and emits the wavelength characteristic colour of the element being tested. The intensity of emitted light is proportional to the concentration of the metal ion in the solution. This light is measured through a filter/detector/ amplifier combination. This being a comparator, known standard solutions are to be used for calibration. Compact Ease of Operation Mains Operated Large Bright LED Digital Display Rapid and accurate determination of Na, K, Ca & Li Compressor with Stable pressure output Ordering Information AIM 049000 - Digital Dual Channel Flame Photometer with Sodium and Potassium filters and oil free diaphragm type compressor. AIM 040103 - Lithium Filter 12.7 mm dia AIM 040104 - Calcium Filter 12.7 mm dia